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Technology for Motivation and Compliance: Digital Goniometer

Motivation is key to helping patients comply¹, yet it’s difficult to find ways to encourage patients to actually do their exercises. I’m sure that as a therapist, you've tried everything possible to get your patients moving. What if the best tool for motivation is one that you already use — the goniometer?

Well, perhaps not the goniometer you have in your clinic, but an upgraded version that does so much more.

The goniometer measures the progress the patient is making and helps you inform the patient that exercising is worth it and their hard work is paying off. In a previous post, we shared tips on how to implement this idea into your practice, but also acknowledged that using a manual goniometer can be time-consuming and unrealistic for busy therapists like yourself.

Enter technology. Imagine a goniometer that is still simple and fast and is continuously tracking and provides real-time visual feedback. Further imagine that it's intuitive enough to allow patients to measure independently and smart enough to adjust patient exercises based on their latest range of motion (ROM) measurements. That’s Tenzr, a goniometer + technology + gamification, all taken to the next level:

1. Real-Time Visual Feedback

Tenzr consists of two sensors that function as a continuous, always-on goniometer. Paired with the Tenzr app on the iPad, patients simply place the sensors on their hand and see their movements reflected on the screen.

The Tenzr app features classic games turned into exercises.

By keeping the sensors on during gameplay, patients know if they’re moving correctly and feel they have the guidance they need to practice the movement patterns that will help them recover. It also helps patients develop self-efficacy and feel more confident, which in turn motivates them to complete their exercises².

2. Independent Measurements

Tenzr is intuitive and guides the patient on how to take an accurate reading, meaning the patient can complete their range of motion measurements entirely on their own error-free. Patients that have Tenzr at home can take their measurements as often as they’d like, measuring three planes of motion (flexion/extension, pronation/supination, radial/ulnar deviation) all in under 1 minute.

When patients see their range of motion improve, it motivates them by letting them know that exercising is paying off and that their hard work is helping them progress.

Additionally, independent measuring encourages patients to develop a sense of responsibility toward their recovery, which is proven to improve compliance³.

3. Personalizes Recovery Plan

Tenzr prompts patients to complete a range of motion measurement before playing a Tenzr game. This assessment allows the Tenzr app to adjust the difficulty of patient exercise to ensure that they are always challenged and motivated.

Tenzr sets target goals that are challenging, but not impossible, ensuring patients are always exercising to the extent of their current range of motion.

That way, the patient feels like the exercises were made just for them. Personalization of home exercise programs helps patients feel accomplished and more likely to comply⁴.

Ultimately, incorporating a digital goniometer with features like Tenzr into your practice can transform how your patients view recovery and turn even your non-compliant patients, compliant.

Interested in learning more? Book a demo to see Tenzr in action.



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