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Physical Rehab

Motivation, guidance, and support on the journey to full recovery

21st Century Sensor-Based Home Exercise Program

Clinical Insights: Range of Motion, Repetitions, Pain, Compliance

Gamified Biofeedback

Progress Tracking In Between In-Clinic Visits

Clear Pathway to Recovery

Clinician-Patient Communication

Less than a third of patients complete their full course of care ... until now








Jeffrey Yao MD

Stanford Medical

"Tenzr provides a new and more engaging way for clients to receive hand therapy and get biofeedback as they do their exercises, even when at home."

Lydia G.

Dorsal Ganglion Cyst

“The app's digital tracking is a game-changer. It's much more motivating to keep moving forward, especially when progress feels slow.”

Annie Ting (OTD, CHT)

UCSF Health

"Our patient said Tenzr was motivating, engaging, and distracting from the pain she usually has with some of our other exercises."

Donna C.

Carpal Tunnel

"Tenzr was progress - from pain to pain-free - what more could I possibly want from a program?"




Offset declining reimbursement by billing for out-of-clinic care. Tenzr is fully reimbursable via Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) codes and can increase revenue by up to 20% per episode of care. Customized workflow integration ensures the best fit for practices.

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Proven in practice,

loved by real


We are


out-of-clinic care

Tenzr Health is helping clinicians extend care outside the clinic to improve compliance and outcomes, manage busy caseloads, and generate additional reimbursement revenue.

Currently for the hand, wrist, and elbow, expanding to full body tracking in 2024.




Remotely monitor compliance, receive data on movement health, triage based on clinical progress, and intervene as required. Tenzr highlights the key indicators of patient progress, streamlining the decision-making process for clinicians.




Only 2% of a patient’s rehabilitation journey happens with a clinician in clinic. Optimize patient care by gaining visibility into the other 98%. With Tenzr, clinicians know if patients are following their plan of care and can provide guidance in between in clinic sessions.

Carpel Tunnel

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Tenzr is state of the art,

interactive game based rehab

designed for optimal recovery of

the hand, wrist, and elbow.

Patented sensing technology assesses and retrains movement, measures progress, and ensures motivation and confidence throughout the healing journey.



and Outcomes

State-of-the-art, interactive, game-based rehab motivates patients to actively engage in and comply with their recovery journey. Having a measurable and actionable path to healing helps patients achieve an optimal recovery.

The Physical Rehab Landscape is Changing. We're Here to Help You Navigate It.

for a

full recovery

Support the entire patient journey both inside and outside of the clinic:​

  • Help patients achieve optimal recovery

  • Clinical decisions enhanced by home exercise data

  • Catch or prevent early drop-out

Unlock new reimbursement via Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) and value-based care.

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