Make rehab

fun and


Jeffrey Yao MD

Stanford Medical

"Tenzr provides a new and more engaging way for clients to receive hand therapy and get biofeedback as they do their exercises, even when at home."



"It's an interactive way of getting therapy right. I like the guided portion of it, the playfulness of the exercise, the simplicity."

Igor Immerman MD

UCSF Medical

"Tenzr provides patients with crucial guidance and biofeedback outside of the clinic, which is needed to facilitate recovery."

Donna C.

Carpal Tunnel

"Tenzr was progress - from pain to pain-free - what more could I possibly want from a program?"

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real people

We are taking

rehab science to

the next level

Tenzr's gamified rehabilitation program makes recovery fun and rewarding. With Tenzr, clients always know where they are on the journey to recovery, know what they need to do next, and know if they are doing their exercises correctly.

Level up recovery

Understand the

journey to a

​full recovery

Worry, uncertainty, and fear should have no place in the rehab journey. With Tenzr, clients always know which direction they're headed, what they need to do next, and understand that winning the game means a full recovery.

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Retrain movement

by turning the limb

into a controller

Tenzr precisely measures strength, endurance, proprioception, control, and range of motion to ensure accurate visualization of progress over time. Regular assessments allow clients to know exactly where they are on their journey to recovery.

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Carpel Tunnel

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Tenzr is state of the art,

interactive game based rehab

designed for optimal recovery of

the hand, wrist, and elbow.

Patented sensing technology assesses and retrains movement, measures progres