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The Next

Generation of

Home Exercise

Tenzr Health uses sensors and gamification to help engage patients in their home exercise and ultimately improve clinical outcomes.

Jeffrey Yao MD

Stanford Medical

"Tenzr provides a new and more engaging way for clients to receive hand therapy and get biofeedback as they do their exercises, even when at home."


Distal Radius Fracture

"I find it easy to exercise by concentrating on the game format. I’m not a great exercise fan when I’m doing them on my own. The games make it fun."

Annie Ting (OTD, CHT)

UCSF Health

"Our patient said Tenzr was motivating, engaging, and distracting from the pain she usually has with some of our other exercises."

Donna C.

Carpal Tunnel

"Tenzr was progress - from pain to pain-free - what more could I possibly want from a program?"


and Customize


Clinicians can remotely update and customize programs. Quick and easy assessments personalize the difficulty of exercises to ensure patients are always challenged in their journey to recovery.

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Tenzr's game-based exercises and visual feedback make an immediate difference in recovery. Patients stay motivated by making targeted improvements in flexibility, range of motion, proprioception, strength, and endurance. 

Level up recovery




By placing the sensors on the hand and wrist, the patient's limb is transformed into the controller, allowing them to see their real-time movements displayed on the screen. Visual feedback ensures patients are exercising properly.



into a controller

Tenzr tracks compliance, range of motion, and pain to provide precise progress reports that help inform clinical care.

Carpel Tunnel

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