Take recovery to the next level. By integrating sensor technology with biofeedback-driven software, Tenzr makes the rehab experience easier and more enjoyable for both clients and clinicians.


Gamified rehab exercises motivate, engage, and distract your clients from pain, while visual feedback lets them know how they're doing. Sending your client home with a game gives you confidence that they will actually complete their exercises.

You provide the expertise

We provide the motivation and confidence

Together, we lead your clients to their

fullest recovery.

Improve clinical outcomes

Elevate the 

rehab experience

Level up your practice

Stay up to date

with the latest 

technology to improve

client care


​Transform the limb into a game controller to take rehab to the next level.

For the hand, 

wrist and elbow

Tenzr works by tracking movement while clients complete their game-based rehab exercises. Tenzr's two sensors are paired with the software and talk to each other, exchanging information to accurately measure joint angles and track the limb in space.


Tenzr has been used extensively in clinics across the country for recovery of the hand, wrist and elbow, and may be appropriate for the conditions listed below (and many others):

Carpal Tunnel

Tenzr helps improve median nerve mobility, improve wrist range of motion, and restore strength

Customize intensity, repetitions, hold duration and resistance.

Wrist Fracture

Tenzr helps restore wrist range of motion and maximize strength

Customize exercise speed, volume and intensity.


Tenzr helps reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and restore tissue tolerance for loading

Selectively promote or bound each range of motion.


Tenzr helps patients with CRPS with a gamified exercise system that can desensitize heightened pain responses and restore pain free motion.

Measure and train control with purposeful movement to increase fine motor skills.

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Tenzr optimizes the

rehab journey

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Carpel Tunnel

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