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Compliance and the correct execution of therapeutic exercises are key to the restoration of healthy movement. However, patients often struggle with lack of motivation. 

Tenzr is a gamified wrist rehabilitation home exercise system that consists of the Tenzr app paired with sensors. The sensors are worn on the hand & wrist and the patented technology tracks hand & wrist movements in all planes of motion acting as a continuous goniometer. Patients can see their movements reflected on the screen to ensure they complete their exercises correctly. Continual tracking data informs clinicians of patient progress and the effectiveness of the home exercise program.

You provide the expertise

We provide the motivation and confidence

Together, we lead your clients to their

fullest recovery.

Improve clinical outcomes

Discover the next

generation of home exercise

Set apart your practice

Easily integrate Tenzr into

your workflow to achieve

better clinical outcomes

and capture additional revenue


Classic games distract your patients from pain, help them overcome movement hesitancy, and ultimately win the game of recovery.

For the hand, 

wrist and elbow

Including: acute injuries, overuse injuries, chronic injuries, osteoarthritis, post-surgical

The Tenzr Kit:

  • Two motion tracking sensors (connected to iPad via Bluetooth)

  • Tenzr Health app

  • iPad included


Sensors act as a continuous goniometer tracking range of motion:

  • Flexion/Extension

  • Pronation/Supination

  • Radial/Ulnar Deviation

  • Showing real-time movement on the screen


The average patient on Tenzr completes 681 reps per week.

Customize intensity, repetitions, hold duration and resistance.

Range of Motion (ROM)

The average patient on Tenzr increases their ROM by 27 degrees per week.

Customize exercise speed, volume and intensity.


Tenzr is used in 20+ clinics across North America for recovery of the hand, wrist and elbow.

Selectively promote or bound each range of motion.


Tenzr is used by patients with a variety of conditions such as: Carpal Tunnel, Wrist Fracture, Tendonitis, and more...

Measure and train control with purposeful movement to increase fine motor skills.

How Tenzr works

in your practice

For you and your clients

  • How do patients use Tenzr?
    Patients take Tenzr home to motivate them to follow through with their treatment plan.
  • How does Tenzr help my patients improve?
    Tenzr challenges patients to do exercises that build strength, endurance, control, proprioception and range of motion while having fun. Patients simply put on the sensors, open the app, and complete their exercises for the day.
  • How do I operationalize Tenzr in my practice?
    We work with you to integrate Tenzr into your workflow and make sure that it’s the right fit for you. Our goal is to be a great partner: to help you achieve better clinical outcomes and capture additional reimbursement.
  • How is Tenzr eligible for additional revenue?
    Tenzr is reimbursable via Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM). In 2022, Medicare approved five new CPT codes for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), recognizing the importance of keeping patients engaged between in-clinic visits. By incorporating RTM into your practice, you could possibly bill up to $160.86 more per patient per month. Request more information.
  • How do I acquire Tenzr for my practice? How much does Tenzr cost?
    We offer customized fees and services based on your practice’s needs. Tenzr kits are shipped directly to the clinic for you to use and set up with your patient. Request more information.

Tenzr optimizes the

rehab journey

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